Charter These First-Class Private Jets Around The World

Take a Look at the Jets You Can Book On Your Next Charter Flight

Book These First-Class Private Planes On Your Next Charter

With the primary goal of passenger comfort, it is unusually wide-bodied and can carry up to 10 passengers in its 8.2 foot wide cabin, yet it has transcontinental range, and is able to complete nonstop flights between almost any two cities in Canada.

The Citation CJ3 jet delivers superior unparalleled reliability without sacrificing productivity and comfort. With upgraded IntrinzicTMflight deck power by Garmin® G3000TM, operating this single-pilot certified jet is so intuitive; it’s fueling the passion for flight in pilots and passengers alike.

With its best-in-class performance, the Phenom 300 exceeds the expectations of light jet capabilities. The spacious cabin provides an abundance of natural light, making the Phenom 300 the new standard for comfort.

Flightpath’s feature very light jet aircraft, the Phenom 100, represents the most advanced of 21st century avionics. This VLJ aircraft is built for your comfort by a leading Brazilian aircraft manufacturers, Embraer. This aircraft was awarded the “Best of the Best Business Jet” in 2014 by Robb Report Magazine, for good reason.

The Beechcraft King Air is the bench mark for all aircraft in its class. With unrivaled short field performance this aircraft is capable of operating from short airstrips with heavy loads over long distances. The cabin is very spacious and is configured with wide executive seating.

Bombardier’s best-known range of business jets are a part of their Global Express family which includes the Global 5000, 6000, 7000 and 8,000. Larger, long-range jets, these aircrafts can accommodate 13 to 17 passengers. So, if you’re looking for a jet that can transport your entire business team to far off destinations, consider one of these Bombardier aircrafts for sale.

The manufacturer is most-known for the King Air, which celebrated their 52nd anniversary this year. The aircraft, which can seat 5 to 9 passengers, is utilized as an executive aircraft, air ambulance and a regional airliner. It’s success in these departments comes from the fact that is affordable and reliable compared to other aircrafts in this category. Even if you’re buying a used Beechcraft King Air for sale, you can still get a 1,500 nautical miles flight range for a smaller price tag compared to other aircrafts in this category.

Hawker Aircraft Limited has been producing aircrafts since right after the First World War and was renamed from H.G. Hawker Engineering to Hawker Aircraft Limited in 1933. Today, the company’s legacy is maintained by Textron, an American-based business jet manufacturer.

The company’s aerospace is based in Savannah, Georgia. The company started off with military aircraft production under the name of Grumman and was renamed Gulfstream in 1968. This was when they began producing business jets including the G200 and G450.

Embraer, a brazilian aerospace manufacturing company, produces commercial, military, executive and agricultural aircrafts. Buying an Embraer aircraft allows you to experience the class and comfort of purchasing a reliable business jet from one of the largest aircraft manufacturing companies in the world. Headquartered in São José dos Campos, the company was founded in 1969 by Ozires Silva.

In the aviation business since 1927, Cessna Aircraft Company is both founded and based out of America’s aviation capital, Wichita, Kansas. The company’s founder, Clyde Cessna, started off by making small piston and turboprop aircrafts and eventually worked his way up to producing a variety of business jets.

With roots in the heart of Europe, Dassault Falcon was founded by French manufacturer Marcel Dassault in 1929. Based in France, the company started off producing military fighter jets and eventually began production of business jets in 1963. Since the company expanded to business aviation, they have delivered over 2,100 jets throughout over 80 countries.